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Global Citizen - School District 46 International Program

Global Citizen

Who do want to be?

Sunshine Coast Schools have opportunities for leadership development as part of formal Leadership classes or within numerous school clubs.

You’ll be able to perfect your English in our schools and homes. All of our homestay parents and students are primarily English-speaking.

Photo of Students joining Shishalh elders for a paddle in Porpoise Bay aboard the "name of canoe"

Students join Shishalh elders for a paddle in Porpoise Bay aboard the “name of canoe”

The Sunshine Coast is based on the land of the the Coast Salish Shishalh people, who first settled the area thousands of years ago. The town of Sechelt takes its name from them and means “land between two waters”.

The Sunshine Coast extends in a long ribbon approximately 100 kilometers in length. Comprised of three main towns, Gibsons, Sechelt and Pender Harbour, each with its own high school, the area is a safe, natural setting to undertake your educational studies.

The Sunshine Coast stretches between mountains and ocean over its entire length. Recreation opportunities include canoeing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking. We got some of the best trails and ocean access in the world.

Gibsons is a scenic and peaceful community on the west coast of Canada, where the ferry from Vancouver arrives. It features a beautiful harbour, numerous shops and restaurants, and an extensive network of walking, cycling, and mountain biking trails that are second to none. There is also a movie theatre, public library, shopping mall, public art gallery and recreation centre. Elphinstone Secondary, with 500 students in grades 8-12, is located here.

Sechelt takes its name from the Coast Salish Shishalh people, who first settled the area thousands of years ago, and it means “land between two waters.” The community’s central location on the Sunshine Coast makes it a natural hub for business, culture, and tourism. Local shops and restaurants are surrounded by scenic mountain and seaside views, and there is also an aquatic centre, public library, shopping mall, and arts centre. Chatelech Secondary with 460 grade 8-12 students is located here.

Pender Harbour is a tight-knit community just a short drive north of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. International students may live anywhere from Halfmoon Bay to Madeira Park or Egmont depending on their individual homestay placement. There are several beautiful lakes in the area, an annual jazz festival, and several artist studios. Pender Harbour Secondary is our smallest school on the Sunshine Coast, and with 80 students in grades 7-12, provides a unique opportunity to learn in a “flex schedule” school where students have more choice and opportunity around how they learn in a self-directed manner. This school is also home to the local recreation centre and houses a modern pool and weight room for student access during the day.

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